Hello WordPress!

Well, this is my new blog! I wasn’t really updating my livejournal any more, mainly because I cannot access it at work but also I feel that LJ is full of too many memories. This isn’t really a bad thing but I just needed a fresh start. I am still keeping my livejournal, and will update it now and then but most of the time it will just be posts from Twitter. I wanted to blog again (with more than 140 characters) and Livejournal has nothing new to ofter. This site seems to have much more going for it.  It has ‘Widgets’ and the like *points to ‘My Twitter Feed’ on the right* and more user friendly features that livejournal just doesn’t have. OK , I haven’t figured out how everything works yet, themes, security settings, etc  but i’m sure I will figure it out in time.

So there you go… Blog #1 done.


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