Tweet to Whom?

RoOkin  follows 133, and has 155 followers, with 2598 updates. – Tues 16th March 1:51pm

I have a strange relationship with Twitter. It is a kind of love/hate relationship. I love that it’s only 140 characters and that it is full of interesting people.  It is the social networking/blogging site that I use the most.  Far more than any blog.  Even facebook doesn’t really get a look in anymore and as for my MySpace, It died a death a long time ago.  There is something about twitter being short & sweet that appeals to me. I am not really one with words and so the status update style really works for me, however finding something interesting to tweet about is another thing. I don’t know whether ‘I just ate hula hoops for lunch’ is really an appealing read or not? Yeah, It’s probably not but then at least it’s something, rather than nothing. This is where I get to what I hate about Twitter, and there isn’t many things, but one of the things that really bug me are bots. I hate bots! Bots and fake celebrity accounts which I guess I could class as bots. For example I once had Peter Jackson following me… Really? Peter Jackson, the famous director of King Kong and The Lord of The Rings trilogy really wanted to know what I was getting up to? I also got my account hacked a few months ago and it was the first time I have ever had an account of mine hacked. Days later my facebook was hacked, I assume these incidents were related as at the time both my Facebook and Twitter accounts had the same password. 

At this moment I follow 133 people and have 155 followers.  Now, I am always on the look out for more interesting people to follow but at the same time I do not follow back everyone that follows me. I have my own little list of rules of who I follow. I say rules, it’s more of a guidline which goes something like this.

  • Follow Local People.

If I see an account for someone who lives near me I am more likely to follow them because I am more likely to relate to their tweets.

  • Not Just a Pretty Face.

I tend to steer clear of girls (or guys) who have model looks in their profile pic. I will then assume the picture is not of them and therefore they are a bot or it’s just a fake account. I am the same if they have no profile pic. If they have no profile pic and follow 2384 people (see below) then I will assume it’s just a bot.  If you have the time to follow lots of people then why not find the time to sort out a profile pic?  However I am fine with random artistic imagines as a profile pic. In fact I find them intriguing.

  • Not too many.

If someone follows 3240234 people and only has 29 followers I assume they are just a bot and won’t follow them back.

  • Cat got your tongue?

I have found a few people I know on twitter but they have never posted anything, so I just assume that they joined Twitter to see what all the fuss is about and then decided that Twitter wasn’t for them. I have also had people following me who have never posted anything so I don’t see the point of following them back.  What’s the point of following someone if they never tweet? I will also more likely follow someone who will reply to my tweets.

This little guide has served me well so far. Granted celebrities and people I know in person or I know from other website or communities don’t really fall into this list. However I don’t tend to follow a lot of celebs, but the celebs I do follow, I follow because I will always be interested in what they have to say, even if I never interact with them. I have tweeted the odd celeb and got a reply. Nothing like receiving a tweet from Kevin Smith or Dave Gorman to put me in a good mood and brighten up my day.



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