Today I drew a giraffe for @mixmasterfestus

I was quite impressed with Colin so I tweeted.

“does anyone else want a picture?”

@debsa replied with..

“you are an inspring artist, I love hedgehogs”

So, @debsa got a hedgehog… I called him Barry.

@bexero wanted;

 “a chicken eating something weird? i like abstract concepts.”

I drew a chicken called Amy who liked eating Smurfs.


My girlfriend @Spallerina said “surprise me.”

So I drew Eddie the scotty dog we made at Build-A-Bear

@alanjames wanted an elephant…

and @FuryOfElizabeth wanted dinosaurs…

@diaryofaledger wanted a bat named after him…

@Artythings wanted a surprise so I drew him a snail…

and @SisterLedge didn’t know what she wanted…

 “cat um er crazy cat , black cat , um er , bob, hero , marmalade , george !!!!!!!”

So she got a crazy cat… named… well who knows?

Today has been a good day for drawing. 😀