I went to a tweetup (a meet up for those non twitter people) in Southampton yesterday. I had lots of fun. Met the most amazing people. One of the best parts of the night for me was this..

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How did you get here?

I have always been interested in how people find this blog. I assume that most of you are friends of mine on twitter and check out my blog now and then, but there are also lots of people who just find my blog while googling for something else.  What is great about WordPress is that it logs the words people were searching for when they found this blog. It’s an interesting and random list; ‘ a girl walking in a maze’, ‘rivers cuomo without glasses’, ‘статуя свободы’ (?),  ‘celebrity beards’, ‘hogwarts library’ & ‘cherry healey’s sunglasses’ to name but a few. But these are not the most popular words that people have being searching with to find my blog. Lets have a look at the top 5  searches…

Search Views
tell em steve dave 24
brian quinn tell em steve dave   8
manhattan bridge 7
ghostbusters building 5
brooklyn bridge 5


As you can see ‘tell em steve dave’ is the most popular search. In fact everything in the top 5  are words from my post about the first, and (so far) only time that I’ve been to America. My holiday to New York.  So if you want to read all about my trip to America, the post you are looking for is called ‘Empire State Of Mind’. This also contains the story of how my girlfriend and I took a train to Red Bank, New Jersey to Jay & Silent Bob’s Secret Stash where we met Bryan Johnson, Walt Flanagan & Brian Quinn and ended up on the ‘Tell ‘Em Steve-Dave’ podcast. If you are here because of that you can also see a little YouTube video I made of  the podcast in the post called ‘TELL ‘EM STEVE-DAVE!!’.

Currently it is very easy to see these two posts as they are both on my home page, as I have set it up so you can see my last 5 posts on the main page. This seems like a reasonable figure, five. I have also set up everything else on my home page to show the last 5 of other things. My last 5 tweets, last 5 songs I listened to on Lastfm, the last 5 photos I posted on Flickr, etc. However this post, the one you are reading now, will kick the ‘TELL ‘EM STEVE-DAVE!!’ post off the home page. You will no longer see it if you were just browsing my home page. You would have to look for it in my archive. Now this is part where I worry about what makes this blog popular for some people and how the whole search thing works.  At the moment my home page is the most visited page. I assume this because it is the main page, the default page you come to. It seems logical that it would be the most visited page, but this also the page that contains the two posts which contains the words for the most popular searches. When these posts are no longer on the home page will they still be searchable? Are these posts the main reason why people come and read my blog?  I could pin these popular posts to the homepage so they will always appear first in the list of posts, but I don’t want to do that. I don’t want the first thing people to see are old posts I wrote months or maybe years ago. Blogs should be constantly changing and updating. I want to move on and write about other things in my life.  I do hope that people who have found my blog because of these popular posts have decided to stay and read other entries. I  guess I will soon find the answer to these questions when I get a sudden drop of visitors when these posts have left my home page.  There is another thing I have noticed about my blog. I have lots of visitors but a distinct lack of comments. The last comment my blog had was in June? Why is that? Are people scared of being the first person to leave a comment? Why is no one saying anything? I do like to get some feedback now and then, I like to know your views. Are the things I blog about of interest to you? Are you still reading this or did you give up after the first few lines? Is there anybody there? No? oh well… Hey ho. 🙂


There is not theme behind this post apart from the need to update and put some words down. I get like that sometimes, It’s the same with this little notebook which I carry around with me in my bag. It’s a diary of sorts, as in I write down the date and time but it is really just a book for jotting odd thoughts down. I only really write in it about once a year but it is something I like to have on me if I feel the need.

I have been wanting to be more creative recently,  I did make a silly stick man comic called ‘My Amazing Comic’ in the same vain of XKCD which was fun.  Something creative but simple, that’s what I want to do. Maybe something a bit like ‘Little Stormys’ ( I love little stormys and I would have loved to have come up with a idea like that. It’s very simple but effective. It reminds me of the gnome in Amélie.

In the film,  Amélie steals her father’s garden gnome and gives it to her friend who is a Air Hostess. She then takes polaroid photos of the gnome in famous places around the world and sends these photos anonymously to Amélie’s father. This is Amélie’s way of encouraging her father to go out and see the world. To see what’s out there. I love that idea, I have always to do something like that. However like Amélie’s father I am not much of a traveler and even when I have gone somewhere interesting I have never remembered to bring something that is worth taking a photo of. 

 A friend of mine once did a piece of art which was made up of train tickets. It was a great idea, basically she asked people to save train tickets and then write on the ticket what the journey was for and a few lines about it it. “Went to the Zoo. Saw the lions. It rained”.

While on holiday in Portugal last year I wrote a secret message on the train ticket I used to get from home to the airport. On it I wrote the date of our stay and what a great holiday we had and then hid it in one of the books on the bookshelf. A secret bookmark. I’m hoping if we return (and I hope we do) it will still be there. Maybe next time I will another one and hide it somewhere else.

I like that. I would like to find a secret message, or a message in a bottle. I like it when people tie notes to the end of a balloon let it go to see how far the ballon travelled. I also love the guest books that you find in holiday cottages. I love flicking through the pages and seeing what people have written, seeing how far back the book goes. I think that’s what I like about my little note book. It’s not really that amazing now but when I am a old man I would want to look at that book and see the dates.  “4th September 2007…. 2007, such a long time ago”.  I’ve had little note books for years. I had one in college that was mainly filled with poems. I got my friends to write in it too. I can remember handing it to people in the canteen or on the train home and sometimes they would take the book home with them to write something and then bring it back the next day. I have stopped writing in that book. I don’t know why I did. I wish I just had one book. One book that had all of my writings, doodles, poems and notes. It would span most of my life.  I even have a ‘vistors’ book in my bathroom. The bathroom note book was originally in my old flat, where I lived for 5 years. Lots of my friends have written in it. It’s a great little book. Full of funny messages and musings. I guess that’s what this blog is too. A blog of musings. I hope you like my musings as I like writing them.