I am not  really sure how to start this? I have never been good at writing, but this ‘ Typing up words in a blog’ approach is probably the best form of communication for me. I have to stop and think about each word I write and it gives me the chance to go back, correct mistakes and restructure sentences as my thoughts and words all come out in a big jumble and sometimes it takes me a while to focus on a direction. I can really take my time over what I want to express and how I can put my thoughts across. This isn’t a simple task for me.  Looking down at the clock I have already spent 20 mins just to get to this point.  I tend to ramble when I talk and sometimes I feel like I cannot vocally express myself. I get lost for words, stuck. I feel like I have to pause mid sentence as I can no longer remember the next word I was going to use. It’s normally when I am trying to convey an emotion or just making idle chit-chat. I also feel like I have lost the art of conversation. I have lost my confidence when it comes to socializing.

I am not really sure how this has come about? I used to feel like I was good with communication, and at expressing myself. I have what I would consider a good social life but recently I feel like my circle of friends have been getting smaller and smaller. I have lost touch with friends and with that I have lost touch with the art of conversation and I think one of the main causes for this is giving up on Facebook.

Facebook. I have fallen out of love with Facebook. I rarely use it any more. I would say that I log on to Facebook probably once or twice a month. This is mainly because I cannot access it at work and I rarely sit at my computer at home anymore. For me Facebook as gone the way of MySpace. I haven’t looked at my MySpace account properly for well over a year now. Twitter on the other hand I use everyday. I can access it at work and I tweet from my phone all the time. My love of Twitter is probably why I have lost touch with most of my friends, hardly any of them use Twitter. Nowadays without logging onto Facebook I have no idea what anyone is up to without texting them or meeting them in person. I have no idea what ‘events’ are happening any more. A few years ago I would have receive texts from friends about going to see a band or for drinks in town,  that then evolved into becoming an invitation to an ‘event’ on Facebook. The texts soon became a message to say to check Facebook for details of what social event was happening that evening and then soon Facebook took over everything. I would no longer need to make small talk as I had already read the status about what they were up to. When meeting friends in person I could engage with them straight away in conversation about what has been happening and talk about things with them about it in greater detail. People would use their online social life to organise their offline social life. I wouldn’t get a text anymore I would just get Facebook invite. This was great when I used Facebook all the time but as I don’t now I haven’t a clue what is going on. Without Facebook I feel lost. I feel like an outsider.

Before you state the obvious I know this is all my own doing. I have cut myself off from the world by giving up on Facebook. I could text my friends. Tell them I miss them, but I feel like Facebook is a drug that everyone seems to be addicted to. A drug we need to be free from. However when we do find ourselves free from this drug, the world is not the happy and comforting place it once was.  It’s a harder world. A world were you have to make the effort.

Facebook seems to be not only the social network that brings friends together but seems to be a necessity in keeping them as well.


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