(68) days

So it’s been over two months since I last wrote on a proper entry on here about life and things. I know I wrote about Richard Rycroft’s Twitter quest but that was really a post about Richard not about me,so it’s time for an update.. Firstly thank you for all your kind words and messages about Dawn. It meant a lot to me. Death is a difficult thing to process and knowing that I will never see her again feels strange, but knowing she was murdered is worse. I don’t think I will ever come to terms with that. Things like that only happen on TV and films, not to a friend, not to Dawn but it has.

You can now imagine a pause here. A pause that lasts about 15 mins. I didn’t want to start writing about Dawn but I have, and now I don’t know how I can write about anything else in this entry without it feeling forced. I need tips from news readers, they seem to be able to move from death to a story of a cat being stuck in a tree with ease. Anyway…

The UK was covered in snow a few weeks before Christmas and work closed for a couple of days. It was so pretty that it was a good excuse to try out all of my iPhone camera apps…

Christmas and New Year was fun. I think I drank my weight in Bailey’s. Tesco had a 2 for £20 deal on and at one point I was buying 2 bottles of Bailey’s a week, so actually my statement about me drinking my weight in Bailey’s should read; ‘I drank my weight in Bailey’s so now I am twice the weight I was’. I have indeed put on weight. One of my Christmas presents was the driving game ‘Gran Turismo 5’ which I am now addicted to so I rarely leave the comfort of the sofa. I have also discovered the ‘B-Spec’ races, which is racing for lazy people. You just have to pick the Car and let the game do all the driving. So you just start the race, go away to eat some cake and then when you return you’ve one the race. Genius! I think more racing games should be like this.
I am on leave this week to celebrate my girlfriends birthday. We went to Brighton and stayed at the Drakes Hotel. I love Brighton so It gave me another chance to try out all of my iPhone camera apps… *cue photos*

As you can tell I love my iPhone camera apps. All the photos you see were taken using  instagram, which I highly recommend if you do own an iPhone. It’s a great way of taking pictures and sharing them. If you do sign up you can find me on there under the username ‘rookin’.

During the past few months I have also been to the cinema to see a few films. Two that stand out are ‘TRON:Legacy’ and ‘The Kings Speech’. One which was very very good and the other which was very very bad (but had amazing effects and soundtrack). I will let you guess which is which.

…and that kinda brings you up to speed. There is a party this weekend and then it’s back to work on Monday.
Fun times. Fun times.

The 1000th Follower

I made someones day today. I became @richardrycroft ‘s 1000th follower. Now what is so special about that? Well… Richard Rycroft is a man on a Quest. A TwitterQuest. He is aiming to be the most followed person to have never tweeted a tweet.

I read about his quest when I saw a retweet from one of my favourite comedians, Richard Herring (@Herring1967).

It simply said;

Please follow @richardrycroft – he is trying to be most followed tweeter who never tweets – http://tinyurl.com/34bagf4

…and so I did. I followed him. I knew nothing about Richard Rycroft. I did some googling and discovered that Richard himself is an actor and comedian. On his blog he describes himself as “you’ve possibly seen me on the telly but forgotten what in”. I liked that. There was something about those words that convinced me that I had made the right choice by following someone who I know would never tweet. He seemed like a nice guy. I like Richard.  

I then received a direct message from Richard on Twitter (a message not tweet)  to tell me that I was his 1000th follower.  Not only that but moment’s later I received another message (remember these are messages not tweets) to tell me he has written about it…


Well how about that, I made his day!! That in turn made my day. So everyone, follow @richardrycroft !!!! He’s a nice guy but don’t expect him to tweet much… or indeed tweet at all.