Are You Easily Distracted? I am…

So my last post was back in January, which has surprised me really as it didn’t seem that long ago. In that post I commented on how I hadn’t posted anything for two months, 68 days to be precise (it was the title of the post after all). Well I appear to have left things for more than 68 days this time. Doesn’t time fly? I have tried to update since then as there has been lots of things that I wanted to blog about but (as you can probably tell from this) I just don’t know how start and then when I have started I have a hard time staying motivated and an even harder time staying focused on the subject that I wanted to write about. Once I have lost the spark I just give up on it. I have many post sat in drafts that I have given up on, some are only a few sentences long, others are paragraphs long, but they all are attempts to keep this blog alive & kicking.

To give you an example, here are the start of two entries that I started and never finished;

  • Fear of the Future – May 20, 2011

    I fear change. I hadn’t realised how much until the other day…

This entry was all about how I don’t like change, my fear of growing up and the a realisation that if I had a child today that by the time it turned 15 I would be 50! eek!

  • My Generation – May 9, 2011

    I came to realise the other day that my generation are the last to know what the world was like before the internet…

In this entry I was feeling nostalgic and I wrote about how the internet has changed everything we know. I talked about how everything is instant. We no longer have to wait for our holiday photos to come back from ‘Snappy Snaps’ before we discover that our thumb was in frame, etc. Most of the entry was inspired after reading this old blog entry by the late Douglas Adams back in 1999.

So there you go, just two entries out of many that I failed to finish. One that I wish I had posted but never got round to finished was a post all about Tw1tterband. What’s Tw1tterband you say? Well…

Back in Febuary I was involved in a band that was just made up from people on twitter (hence then name) hardly even of us had met each other but we recorded a cover of Rod Stewart’s “Maggy May” the finished song was launched on Sunday 6th February on BBC Radio 5 Live and raised £2285 for charity. The band went on to cover The Smiths “Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want” which got the attention of Johnny Marr of The Smiths, which then got the attention of the national press.

You can read all about that on the band’s blog here…

So as you can see I have had lots on my mind and lots to write about, i’m rubbish at writing about it that’s all. I haven’t even written anything about seeing Dave Gorman! *sigh*

I think this t-shirt sums me up best…



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