I had a dream that I was watching the third series of SPACED, and for those that have seen spaced would know, there isn’t a third. The original show only ran for two series, from 1999-2001. But this series was new and picked up on the characters lives 11 years later.

My dream started with Tim (Simon Pegg) and Mike (Nick Frost) in a pub, Tim was telling Mike how he had met up with Bilbo (Bill Bailey) the other day. Bilbo was now living with his mum since the comic book shop had gone bankrupt, but over all he is doing well and now has a shop online, much to the displeasure of his mother as her house had now become filled with Sci-Fi Memorabilia.

After the pub Tim and Mike head home, and home turns out to be in a block of flats. As they make their way slowly across the car park to the main door they are circled by a gang of youths. At first you don’t know if the guys are in danger but it turns out they are friends with Mike and Tim, and they have a fake gun fight before heading inside, commenting that they are getting too old for that sort of thing. You can tell that the flat is more Mike’s than Tim’s as there are guns and camouflage everywhere, including a massive poster of Rambo. Meeting Bilbo again has brought up memories for Tim of the past and working at the comic shop, and he tells Mike that he misses the old days and that time seemed to gone by leaving him behind. Mike says maybe he should get in touch with ‘her’ again. This doesn’t seem to go down well with Tim. He says that she is not the same person anymore and doesn’t want to talk about it. He ends the conversation by telling Mike that they are going to be late for work. He puts on a cap and the camera zooms out to show that Tim and Mike are both dressed in security guard uniforms, and the two of them head off into the night.

We cut to Daisy (Jessica Hynes), who is reading a book to a group of small children. She finishes the story and closes the book. The cover shows that the author is ‘D E Sader’. The parents and children applaud, then a smooth, dark haired Mediterranean man informs the crowd that Ms Sader will be signing books later. Daisy is now a successful children’s author, who goes by the name of D E Sader. The man who spoke to the crowd is her agent & fiancé, Paolo. You can tell that Daisy is not the sweet and innocent person she used to be. The wealth and fame has changed her, and she has lost sight of who she really is. She berates one of her fans for comparing her to J K Rowling, by saying that she is far more successful than that one hit wonder. The couple are joined by blonde 8 year old girl, who addresses Daisy as mum.

Tim and Mike receive a letter from Marsha’s daughter Amber informing them that Marsha has passed away. The gang all meet again for Marsha’s funeral. This is the first time they have all been together for 7 years. Tim keeps looking across at Daisy who is being constantly followed by press and fans. Mike says he should just go and talk to her, but Tim ignores him. At the wake, Tim finally gets a chance to talk to Daisy alone. Tim gestures across to Daisy’s daughter who is standing with Paolo, Brian & Twist and asks Daisy is she ever talks about him. Daisy shoots down Tim with a look and tells him that it isn’t the time or place to bring that up, and goes to walk away. But Tim tells Daisy that he loves her. Daisy pauses, her back to Tim. You can see that Daisy appears moved, but does not let Tim see the look on her face. Tim corrects himself to say. ‘I loved you. I loved who you were, before you turned to the dark side, before you became… D.. Darth Sader!’ by hearing these words she then turns back to Tim and tells him that the old Daisy he knew is gone, Tim says that he still knows there is good in her, and that she must also miss the days when they lived together at 23 Meteor Street. ‘That dump’ she replies. ‘I am glad that they are knocking that place down’. Tim is shocked to by the news and left standing as Daisy walks away.

The camera cuts to 23 Meteor Street which is now boarded up, it zooms into a sign which reads ‘Scheduled for demolition’.


I would then imagine that the rest of the series was spent trying to save 23 Meteor Street from demolition. Marsha (Julia Deakin) would appear to Tim in a dream as a ‘Force’ ghost and give Tim advice. The series would also be filled with lots of pop references that made the original Spaced great, there would be a Field of Dreams ‘If you build it they will come’ moment, and in the final episode will see Tim rushing to stop Daisy’s wedding. Watching from the loft at the back of the church, Tim bangs on the glass window and screams, “Daisy!” several times, attempting to stop the ceremony. With some hesitation, Daisy returns a cry of “Tim!” and rushes toward Tim. Just like the end of The Graduate. The show ends with a montage of the gang and their lives today. Brian & Twist now have a child of their own, Mike is now living with Dexter, Daisy is writing a new book, and Tim has his own line of graphic novels, he also illustrates Daisy’s books. The final scene shows 23 Meteor Street. It has been restored to its former glory and is the family home, of Tim, Daisy, their daughter and a puppy called Wicket.


4 thoughts on “Deep SPACED

  1. Wow! That’s a really detailed dream. Yes, it’s too bad about there only being 2 seasons of Spaced. But they are two really great seasons that I can watch over and over again. I just started a blog about my love of British TV ( and will be posting about Spaced next week.

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