Superman VI: Trouble in Miami.

I had a dream last night that I watched ‘Superman VI: Trouble in Miami’ which was a low budget, direct to video Superman sequel staring Christopher Reeve as his last on screen appearance as the man of steel. The story goes that Superman is on Holiday in Miami when he discovers that Lex Luthor has opened up a casino next to Miami beach since he was released from prison. As Superman is on Holiday he decides not to use any of his powers. This includes not flying or seeing through walls, so he recuits the help of local Miami cop Angel Batista from Dexter to help him find out if the rising crime rate in Miami is linked to Luthor and what Lex Luthor is really up to.

It then becomes like a buddy cop movie with them driving around Miami, fighting crime and staking out the casino trying to find Luthor himself. When they do finally find Luthor (cameo from Gene Hackman) they discover that Luthor has indeed gone straight and isn’t connected with rising crime rate in Miami. The casino is all above board and legal, and has in fact brought lots of money and tourism to Miami. It turns out that while in prison Luthor had realised the error of his ways and had decided to turn over a new leaf. He gives most of the money made by the casio to a charity which is trying to save the environment. Superman learns that he shouldn’t be so quick to judge and that people can change. But most importantly, that gambling is good in moderation. The film ends with Superman and Lex being friends and laughing…

It was a great dream but, WHAT A RUBBISH FILM!??!

Also… I was watching Superman VI… What happened to Superman V?


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