OPERATION: GET SKINNY (update 3) I’ve done it!

26 March 2012 – Total weight lost: 29lbs Current weight: 10st 3lbs (64.9kg or 143lbs)

My starting weight on Monday 22 August 2011 was;

12 st 4 lbs (That’s about 78 Kg or 172 lbs)

On Monday 17th October 2011 I passed my first goal weight of;

11 st (70 kg or 154 lbs)

Today, Monday 26th March 2012…

I REACHED MY GOAL WEIGHT OF 10st 3lbs! (64.9kg or 143 lbs)

*does happy dance*

I have lost 29lbs in total, that’s 2st 1lbs in 31 weeks and I have reached my “perfect” BMI.  It’s now smack in the middle of Healthy…

The goal on my weight loss tracker now looks like this…

So… *twiddles thumbs* What do I do now?

I have no idea where to go from here? Build muscle? I still have my gym membership which I have forgotten to cancel so I could go to the gym everyday and become the next Mr Universe. Hmmm?  *Laughs* No. The gym and muscles aren’t my thing, however it is strange not having a goal anymore. I think my new goal is just to maintain this weight. I don’t want to lose any more and I don’t want to put anymore on. I think that will probably be a very hard goal. Eat too much, I’ll put on weight, eat too little and I will be wasting away.

My live weight loss tracker is below. Fingers crossed it will remain at 29 lbs lost until my wedding on 25th August 2012.

Created by MyFitnessPal – Nutrition Facts For Foods

Can I do it? Will I be able to maintain this weight for the wedding? Is it possible? Who knows? The wedding is in 5 months and this blog will tell you how I am doing on a weekly basis.

Check out my profile at www.myfitnesspal.com for more.


3 thoughts on “OPERATION: GET SKINNY (update 3) I’ve done it!

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  2. Hi, I really like your blog. It’s the best one I’ve seen so far today (and I’ve seen a lot…). Congrats on your wedding! My name’s Emma and I’m a features writer for the national papers and magazines. Would you be interested in speaking to me to help raise awareness of SED? My email address is emma@catersnews.com

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