Open Road Song…

Since I bought the VW Golf (RoOkar II A.K.A Rolf The Golf) I’ve had a bit of a dilemma when it comes to listening to music. My old fiesta had a cassette player and so it was easy to use a tape adapter for my iPod to listen to music and podcasts, and although I have a iPod FM turner, the sound quality isn’t as good so I have been mainly listening to CD’s (I know CD’s are so “old school” now aren’t they?!) . Now because all of my music is now on my computer and also because I don’t want to scratch or loose damage any of my original CD’s I have been burning my own compilation CD’s. So recently I have been obsessed with driving songs.

There are hundreds of songs out there that are perfect for driving to;

  • “Radar Love” by Golden Earring
  • “Born to be Wild” by Steppenwolf
  • “Highway to Hell” by AC/DC

…just to name a few.

But must of the songs which feature on the lists of “Top Driving Songs” are normally over 30 years old and as much I love listening to these “classic driving songs” I thought I would post the songs I would include on a list of great drving songs that rarely or never get a mention.

So here are 10 of my favourite songs to listen to while driving…

  • “Joy” By Gay Dad
  • “Battle Without Honor or Humanity” by Tomoyasu Hotei
  • “This is your life” by The Dust Brothers
  • “Step Into My World (The Perfecto Radio Edit)” by Hurricane #1
  • “Travelling Without Moving” by Jamiroquai
  • “My Favourite Game” by The Cardigans
  • “Stylo” by Gorillaz
  • “Jailbird” by Primal Scream
  • “Go With The Flow” by Queens Of The Stone Age
  • “Open Road Song” by Eve 6

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Are You Easily Distracted? I am…

So my last post was back in January, which has surprised me really as it didn’t seem that long ago. In that post I commented on how I hadn’t posted anything for two months, 68 days to be precise (it was the title of the post after all). Well I appear to have left things for more than 68 days this time. Doesn’t time fly? I have tried to update since then as there has been lots of things that I wanted to blog about but (as you can probably tell from this) I just don’t know how start and then when I have started I have a hard time staying motivated and an even harder time staying focused on the subject that I wanted to write about. Once I have lost the spark I just give up on it. I have many post sat in drafts that I have given up on, some are only a few sentences long, others are paragraphs long, but they all are attempts to keep this blog alive & kicking.

To give you an example, here are the start of two entries that I started and never finished;

  • Fear of the Future – May 20, 2011

    I fear change. I hadn’t realised how much until the other day…

This entry was all about how I don’t like change, my fear of growing up and the a realisation that if I had a child today that by the time it turned 15 I would be 50! eek!

  • My Generation – May 9, 2011

    I came to realise the other day that my generation are the last to know what the world was like before the internet…

In this entry I was feeling nostalgic and I wrote about how the internet has changed everything we know. I talked about how everything is instant. We no longer have to wait for our holiday photos to come back from ‘Snappy Snaps’ before we discover that our thumb was in frame, etc. Most of the entry was inspired after reading this old blog entry by the late Douglas Adams back in 1999.

So there you go, just two entries out of many that I failed to finish. One that I wish I had posted but never got round to finished was a post all about Tw1tterband. What’s Tw1tterband you say? Well…

Back in Febuary I was involved in a band that was just made up from people on twitter (hence then name) hardly even of us had met each other but we recorded a cover of Rod Stewart’s “Maggy May” the finished song was launched on Sunday 6th February on BBC Radio 5 Live and raised £2285 for charity. The band went on to cover The Smiths “Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want” which got the attention of Johnny Marr of The Smiths, which then got the attention of the national press.

You can read all about that on the band’s blog here…

So as you can see I have had lots on my mind and lots to write about, i’m rubbish at writing about it that’s all. I haven’t even written anything about seeing Dave Gorman! *sigh*

I think this t-shirt sums me up best…


The 1000th Follower

I made someones day today. I became @richardrycroft ‘s 1000th follower. Now what is so special about that? Well… Richard Rycroft is a man on a Quest. A TwitterQuest. He is aiming to be the most followed person to have never tweeted a tweet.

I read about his quest when I saw a retweet from one of my favourite comedians, Richard Herring (@Herring1967).

It simply said;

Please follow @richardrycroft – he is trying to be most followed tweeter who never tweets –

…and so I did. I followed him. I knew nothing about Richard Rycroft. I did some googling and discovered that Richard himself is an actor and comedian. On his blog he describes himself as “you’ve possibly seen me on the telly but forgotten what in”. I liked that. There was something about those words that convinced me that I had made the right choice by following someone who I know would never tweet. He seemed like a nice guy. I like Richard.  

I then received a direct message from Richard on Twitter (a message not tweet)  to tell me that I was his 1000th follower.  Not only that but moment’s later I received another message (remember these are messages not tweets) to tell me he has written about it…

Well how about that, I made his day!! That in turn made my day. So everyone, follow @richardrycroft !!!! He’s a nice guy but don’t expect him to tweet much… or indeed tweet at all.


I am not  really sure how to start this? I have never been good at writing, but this ‘ Typing up words in a blog’ approach is probably the best form of communication for me. I have to stop and think about each word I write and it gives me the chance to go back, correct mistakes and restructure sentences as my thoughts and words all come out in a big jumble and sometimes it takes me a while to focus on a direction. I can really take my time over what I want to express and how I can put my thoughts across. This isn’t a simple task for me.  Looking down at the clock I have already spent 20 mins just to get to this point.  I tend to ramble when I talk and sometimes I feel like I cannot vocally express myself. I get lost for words, stuck. I feel like I have to pause mid sentence as I can no longer remember the next word I was going to use. It’s normally when I am trying to convey an emotion or just making idle chit-chat. I also feel like I have lost the art of conversation. I have lost my confidence when it comes to socializing.

I am not really sure how this has come about? I used to feel like I was good with communication, and at expressing myself. I have what I would consider a good social life but recently I feel like my circle of friends have been getting smaller and smaller. I have lost touch with friends and with that I have lost touch with the art of conversation and I think one of the main causes for this is giving up on Facebook.

Facebook. I have fallen out of love with Facebook. I rarely use it any more. I would say that I log on to Facebook probably once or twice a month. This is mainly because I cannot access it at work and I rarely sit at my computer at home anymore. For me Facebook as gone the way of MySpace. I haven’t looked at my MySpace account properly for well over a year now. Twitter on the other hand I use everyday. I can access it at work and I tweet from my phone all the time. My love of Twitter is probably why I have lost touch with most of my friends, hardly any of them use Twitter. Nowadays without logging onto Facebook I have no idea what anyone is up to without texting them or meeting them in person. I have no idea what ‘events’ are happening any more. A few years ago I would have receive texts from friends about going to see a band or for drinks in town,  that then evolved into becoming an invitation to an ‘event’ on Facebook. The texts soon became a message to say to check Facebook for details of what social event was happening that evening and then soon Facebook took over everything. I would no longer need to make small talk as I had already read the status about what they were up to. When meeting friends in person I could engage with them straight away in conversation about what has been happening and talk about things with them about it in greater detail. People would use their online social life to organise their offline social life. I wouldn’t get a text anymore I would just get Facebook invite. This was great when I used Facebook all the time but as I don’t now I haven’t a clue what is going on. Without Facebook I feel lost. I feel like an outsider.

Before you state the obvious I know this is all my own doing. I have cut myself off from the world by giving up on Facebook. I could text my friends. Tell them I miss them, but I feel like Facebook is a drug that everyone seems to be addicted to. A drug we need to be free from. However when we do find ourselves free from this drug, the world is not the happy and comforting place it once was.  It’s a harder world. A world were you have to make the effort.

Facebook seems to be not only the social network that brings friends together but seems to be a necessity in keeping them as well.

How did you get here?

I have always been interested in how people find this blog. I assume that most of you are friends of mine on twitter and check out my blog now and then, but there are also lots of people who just find my blog while googling for something else.  What is great about WordPress is that it logs the words people were searching for when they found this blog. It’s an interesting and random list; ‘ a girl walking in a maze’, ‘rivers cuomo without glasses’, ‘статуя свободы’ (?),  ‘celebrity beards’, ‘hogwarts library’ & ‘cherry healey’s sunglasses’ to name but a few. But these are not the most popular words that people have being searching with to find my blog. Lets have a look at the top 5  searches…

Search Views
tell em steve dave 24
brian quinn tell em steve dave   8
manhattan bridge 7
ghostbusters building 5
brooklyn bridge 5


As you can see ‘tell em steve dave’ is the most popular search. In fact everything in the top 5  are words from my post about the first, and (so far) only time that I’ve been to America. My holiday to New York.  So if you want to read all about my trip to America, the post you are looking for is called ‘Empire State Of Mind’. This also contains the story of how my girlfriend and I took a train to Red Bank, New Jersey to Jay & Silent Bob’s Secret Stash where we met Bryan Johnson, Walt Flanagan & Brian Quinn and ended up on the ‘Tell ‘Em Steve-Dave’ podcast. If you are here because of that you can also see a little YouTube video I made of  the podcast in the post called ‘TELL ‘EM STEVE-DAVE!!’.

Currently it is very easy to see these two posts as they are both on my home page, as I have set it up so you can see my last 5 posts on the main page. This seems like a reasonable figure, five. I have also set up everything else on my home page to show the last 5 of other things. My last 5 tweets, last 5 songs I listened to on Lastfm, the last 5 photos I posted on Flickr, etc. However this post, the one you are reading now, will kick the ‘TELL ‘EM STEVE-DAVE!!’ post off the home page. You will no longer see it if you were just browsing my home page. You would have to look for it in my archive. Now this is part where I worry about what makes this blog popular for some people and how the whole search thing works.  At the moment my home page is the most visited page. I assume this because it is the main page, the default page you come to. It seems logical that it would be the most visited page, but this also the page that contains the two posts which contains the words for the most popular searches. When these posts are no longer on the home page will they still be searchable? Are these posts the main reason why people come and read my blog?  I could pin these popular posts to the homepage so they will always appear first in the list of posts, but I don’t want to do that. I don’t want the first thing people to see are old posts I wrote months or maybe years ago. Blogs should be constantly changing and updating. I want to move on and write about other things in my life.  I do hope that people who have found my blog because of these popular posts have decided to stay and read other entries. I  guess I will soon find the answer to these questions when I get a sudden drop of visitors when these posts have left my home page.  There is another thing I have noticed about my blog. I have lots of visitors but a distinct lack of comments. The last comment my blog had was in June? Why is that? Are people scared of being the first person to leave a comment? Why is no one saying anything? I do like to get some feedback now and then, I like to know your views. Are the things I blog about of interest to you? Are you still reading this or did you give up after the first few lines? Is there anybody there? No? oh well… Hey ho. 🙂


Like most people on the internet I have a few blogs and other things online that you might be interested in. I know you are probably not interested and this post isn’t meant as a “look at me, I am amazing” post but more of a “oh yeah, i’m on twitter too if you are interested” post. So if you are interested in my life and things away from WordPress then take a look at the links below.

Twitter!! I tweet more than I blog mainly because I am lazy. I know some of you are on twitter already as we already follow each other but it’s the online social networking site of choice for me. If you do add me say hello as I tend to not follow back unless you are followed by friends of mine, so I know that you are not a bot or anything.

I have a podcast. (it’s not really a podcast but a audioboo but it’s available on itunes so if you are interested you can have a listen).

You can subscribe to my youtube account, or friend it. I don’t post that many videos but you might be interested. I also try and make a video blog now and then but its normally about once a year.

I have joined flickr recently so I have been adding my ‘hipstamatic’ photos to it. So if you are interested in that then clicky clicky.

Lastfm is a addition my original ‘Promo’ post as I wasn’t a member when I first wrote this. I am surprised that I had never joined Lastfm before as it really is a website I can get into. I love music and love finding new bands to listen to. So if you want to know what music I am into click on the pic.

And that’s it really… well I say that’s it but I am also on facebook and I have a formspring account if you feel the need to ask me questions. I am also have a livejournal & myspace account but i havent really looked at either of them for a long time. I am also a member of SG too.

So anyway that’s me. Lots of things you can now click on if you are interested.

25 random things about myself…

  1. I procrastinate a lot and find it hard to stay motivated.
  2. I love most children cartoons from the 80’s.
  3. I am left handed.
  4. I have Spastic Diplegia which is a form of Cerebral Palsy. 
  5. I have a food phobia and have a limited, and very poor diet.
  6. I like to be knowledgeable but im not really into reading books.
  7. I love the sounds Transformers make when they transform.
  8. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind is one of my favourite films.
  9. I’ve been to the Ghostbusters firehouse
  10. I’ve sat in the DeLorean from Back to the Future.
  11. Charlie Adlard (artist behind ‘The Walking Dead‘) has drawn me as a zombie.  
  12. I saw Kevin Smith at the IndigO2 in London 2009.
  13. I like Mtn Dew. I wish they sold it in the UK. Mountain Dew – Energy isn’t the same.
  14. I own lots of Lightsabers. 
  15. I was once an actor in a play where I was naked.
  16. I spend too much time on Twitter.
  17. I like zombie films.  
  18. I have blue eyes. 
  19. I was a guest on “Tell ’em Steve-Dave!” podcast #19
  20. I have a pet goldfish called Shaun The Shubunkin.
  21. I wear glasses
  22. I have over 2000 CDs. 
  23. I’ve been to the house from TV show ‘SPACED‘.
  24. I wear a suit to work.  
  25. I am a ‘Indie Kid’ at heart.