My Doctor Who 50th anniversary special

I had a dream that I had watched the Doctor Who 50th anniversary special. When I woke I remembered the key points of the episodes and wanted write down them down as quick as possible before I forgot. I then joined these key points together to form the outline of the story. The story went something like this…

There is an unexplained issue with the TARDIS as it tries to land which causes it to phase in and out of time within itself. Past voices of the Doctor echo inside its walls. It’s not just the voice of the current doctor but the voice of all the past doctors. All the voices of the Doctors are saying that there is a problem with the TARDIS, their voices start to overlap one another. The voices become a chatter of noise which seems to synchronise with the sound of the TARDIS as it tries to materialise. The 11th doctor and his companion Oswin try to find the cause of the malfunction, The Doctor says there appears to be some sort of leak from the heart of the TARDIS which is given out a sort of “time radiation”, causing the past echos. The noise gets greater and the Doctor appears to be gravely sick due to the radiation. He starts to regenerate, He knows he is close to death and uses this last chance to patch the leak by stepping into the vortex at the heart of the TARDIS, but as he does so the TARDIS explodes.


The explosion is like that of a star going supernova, the TARDIS then becomes a black hole in space and time. The explosion instantly becomes an implosion, sucking all the time and matter back into the vortex rebuilding the TARDIS around it. This implosion of time drags all of the doctors out of their timelines to this one point in time, the time of the explosion. All the doctors being in this one place together at a point of death has had a major effect on them. Instantly the first 3 doctors burst into light as if they are going to regenerate but all the energy and light of the regeneration is sucked into the heart of the TARDIS. We see that all the doctors have aged, they realise that they have aged because they can’t regenerate. They can’t regenerate because their regeneration and future self is also there at that point in time. This is why the first 3 doctors burst into balls of energy as soon materialised because they instantly died of old age. There is a brief funny moment when the doctors talk to each other. They make comments on their age and weight “So if I never regenerated and kept on eating Jelly babies I would have ended up looking like you.” Oswin starts flirting with the 10th Doctor which is also funny. Just as the 4th Doctor is about to make a witty comeback a look of panic crosses his face and he burst into light which then also gets sucked into the heart of the TARDIS. All the doctors feel the effect of the loss of part of them. Dragging them through time has not only aged them but has made their cells unstable, They realise their fate, one by one they too will burst into energy and become one with the TARDIS. They split up and wander the rooms and corridors of the TARDIS trying to fix the issue. Due to the time phasing, the walls and rooms keep changing around them to rooms and consoles of old. The 5th Doctor bursts into energy, then the 6th, and so on as they struggle to find the cause of the leak and malfunction. Soon it is just the 10th & 11th Doctor left. They work together with Oswin in the console room as it shifts and explodes around them. The 10th Doctor knows his time is up and there is an emotional scene were he says his goodbye, “It was great to go on one last adventure!”, he bursts into light and he too is sucked in by the vortex. This just leaves the 11th Doctor and Oswin. The Doctor suddenly stops and gives a knowing laugh as he realises his fate, He and Oswin should have died when the TARDIS exploded but they didn’t, they were brought back to the origin of the explosion which means they themselves were covered in this “time radiation”. It has created a sort of time feedback loop. It was the radiation, and it’s effect on the Doctor that brought his past lives back and why they got sucked into the vortex. He knows the he too is going die but he will regenerate as there is no other version of himself in this timeline. It must have been the 12th doctor that actually patched the leak. He wonders what effect the time vortex would have had on him as a Time Lord. Would that mean that as long as the TARDIS exists so will he? Will he live beyond his 13 lives? He also ponders what effect this might have had on Oswin? Not only her body was covered in this radiation but her soul and essence had been sucked into the heart of the time vortex too. This could mean that her soul and essence could appear anywhere in time and space that the TARDIS has been. The TARDIS shakes again and we are back to where we started. The Doctor is gravely sick due to the radiation. He starts to regenerate, He knows he is close to death and uses this last chance to patch the leak by stepping into the vortex, there is a blinding light and the shaking stops. The leak is sealed. Then out of the light steps for the first time… The 12th Doctor.

The end.

A Fifth House At Hogwarts…

I had a dream that there was a new house at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Everyone who is a fan of Harry Potter knows that Hogwarts is divided into four houses, each bearing the last name of its founder: Godric Gryffindor, Helga Hufflepuff, Rowena Ravenclaw and Salazar Slytherin. The students of each house are chosen based on the values of the house. Gryffindor values bravery, daring, nerve, and chivalry. Ravenclaw values intelligence, knowledge, and wit. Hufflepuff values hard work, patience, loyalty, and fair play and Slytherin house values ambition, cunning and resourcefulness. New students would be put into these houses by the Sorting Hat who can detect these traits.

However the Sorting Hat has made errors in the past, and can sometimes be persuaded by the student to be placed in another house and this is where my dream starts. It was because of these mistakes that the new house was created. A fifth house.

Every year during the sorting ceremony those students who disagreed with the sorting hat would be placed in this new house. It was also the one time of the year that current students who wanted to change house could, but they could only move to this new house. The fifth house was mainly made up of misfits, rebels and trouble makers. Most of these students had left their original house due to fights or bullying.

In my dream I was a student at Hogwarts and a prefect of the new house. It was after the sorting ceremony and I told the students to line up in order of height so they could collect their new robes and the black and grey tie for the house. I rang a bell for the head of house who was Miss Hardbroom (from ‘The Worst Witch’ books). She had transferred from Miss Cackle’s Academy for Witches especially for this new post as she was known for being very strict, and striking fear into pupils hearts. She walked up and down the line like a drill instructor, making the students aware that she was not someone to be messed with. After she had put them in their place she instructed me to show the students to their new dorms and common room. I took the students on a tour of their new rooms and laid down the house rules. After everyone had settled I then took the chance to take a tour of Hogwarts. I then spent the rest of the dream exploring the castle. It was amazing…

The only thing I couldn’t remember when I woke up was what the fifth house was called? Oh well.

The Geek Squid!

Since starting ‘OPERATION: GET SKINNY’ I have been logging onto almost daily as part of my weight loss routine, but what I love most about ‘MFP’ are the forums. For those of you who are members, and only use the app, you are missing out on about 50% of what MyFitnessPal is all about… It’s about community.

Since joining MFP I have made some great online friends. I really like how everyone helps each other stay motivated and have their own story to tell, wheither it be that they want to lose weight, stay fit, gain weight or muscle. They all have their own reason to be on the site and a goal they want to reach. Of course there are the odd few people who disagree and have issues with others, but you will get that in any community, online or otherwise, and like I said, they all have different goals and reasons to be on the site.

Now, talking about weight loss is all well and good but I wanted to find more people who were a bit like me – a bit on the geeky side – so about a month or so ago I posted ‘Calling all Geeks & Nerds’ in the forum. The response was amazing! My friends list more than doubled, It went from 70 friends to 177 friends in a day. Because I had made so many new friends on there who were geeks and nerds I then created a group for us called, ‘The Geek Squad’. It’s a group for all things geek. So if you are a member of MyFitnessPal and you’re a massive sci-fi fan, into gaming, or just know your way round a computer, then this is the group for you. However, It turned out that there is an American store called ‘Best Buy’ whos IT support comany is also called ‘The Geek Squad’. This caused a bit of confusion, and even some abuse by some of the American members of MFP who thought the group was for ‘Geek Squad’ or ‘Best Buy’ employees. According to some of the members of the open forums who have had dealings with said company, they aren’t the most helpful or intelligent group of IT individuals.

I wanted to distance the group from this negative view of ‘geek’ & so I asked the members of the group to come up with a new name and mixedfeelings came up with the name ‘The Geek Squid’. I loved it! I then made a mascot (the little guy on the left), I again asked the group to give him a name, and due to a few drunken updates from myself where I use this word a lot, the squid gained the nickname ‘Squiffy’. I did want to go with a name that was suggested on twitter and I thought was genius, ‘Squeek’! It’s a combination of the words ‘squid’ & ‘geek’ and is a cute misspelling of the word ‘squeak’, but it looks like ‘Squiffy’ has stuck, and deep down I love that he is called ‘Squiffy’. I love the group, I am so proud it and it’s a great place for me to talk to other people who love the same things as me and to express my inner geek. We can talk about where we would travel in time if we had the keys to the Back to the Future DeLorean, or who our favourite character from Spaced is…

Speaking of which…

As you can see from youtube link & picture of me from 2008 standing outside “23 Meteor Street”, I am a massive fan of SPACED. On the night of Februrary 9th 2012 I had a dream that I was watching Spaced. I dreamt about the third series & I wrote about it here, in an entry called ‘Deep SPACED’. For those that have seen Spaced would know, there isn’t a third series, but in my dream there was. This series was new and picked up on the characters lives 11 years later. I won’t write the dream here as I have already done so a few entries back.
Well, my blog and twitter account are linked, so my blog will automatically send a tweet informing my followers and the other people on twitter that I have posted something. When I finished that entry a tweet was sent, like so…

 The tweet was then was retweeted a few times, and some people also sent a tweet to Simon Pegg (who co wrote and starred in Spaced) about what I had written…

“Skip to the end…”

Anyway, on March 6th, Simon Pegg tweeted this…

Coincidence?!!! Well, probably yes… but still, It was nice to know that Simon Pegg was also thinking about SPACED, and that is awesome. or as Squiffy the geeky squid would say…


Superman VI: Trouble in Miami.

I had a dream last night that I watched ‘Superman VI: Trouble in Miami’ which was a low budget, direct to video Superman sequel staring Christopher Reeve as his last on screen appearance as the man of steel. The story goes that Superman is on Holiday in Miami when he discovers that Lex Luthor has opened up a casino next to Miami beach since he was released from prison. As Superman is on Holiday he decides not to use any of his powers. This includes not flying or seeing through walls, so he recuits the help of local Miami cop Angel Batista from Dexter to help him find out if the rising crime rate in Miami is linked to Luthor and what Lex Luthor is really up to.

It then becomes like a buddy cop movie with them driving around Miami, fighting crime and staking out the casino trying to find Luthor himself. When they do finally find Luthor (cameo from Gene Hackman) they discover that Luthor has indeed gone straight and isn’t connected with rising crime rate in Miami. The casino is all above board and legal, and has in fact brought lots of money and tourism to Miami. It turns out that while in prison Luthor had realised the error of his ways and had decided to turn over a new leaf. He gives most of the money made by the casio to a charity which is trying to save the environment. Superman learns that he shouldn’t be so quick to judge and that people can change. But most importantly, that gambling is good in moderation. The film ends with Superman and Lex being friends and laughing…

It was a great dream but, WHAT A RUBBISH FILM!??!

Also… I was watching Superman VI… What happened to Superman V?


I had a dream that I was watching the third series of SPACED, and for those that have seen spaced would know, there isn’t a third. The original show only ran for two series, from 1999-2001. But this series was new and picked up on the characters lives 11 years later.

My dream started with Tim (Simon Pegg) and Mike (Nick Frost) in a pub, Tim was telling Mike how he had met up with Bilbo (Bill Bailey) the other day. Bilbo was now living with his mum since the comic book shop had gone bankrupt, but over all he is doing well and now has a shop online, much to the displeasure of his mother as her house had now become filled with Sci-Fi Memorabilia.

After the pub Tim and Mike head home, and home turns out to be in a block of flats. As they make their way slowly across the car park to the main door they are circled by a gang of youths. At first you don’t know if the guys are in danger but it turns out they are friends with Mike and Tim, and they have a fake gun fight before heading inside, commenting that they are getting too old for that sort of thing. You can tell that the flat is more Mike’s than Tim’s as there are guns and camouflage everywhere, including a massive poster of Rambo. Meeting Bilbo again has brought up memories for Tim of the past and working at the comic shop, and he tells Mike that he misses the old days and that time seemed to gone by leaving him behind. Mike says maybe he should get in touch with ‘her’ again. This doesn’t seem to go down well with Tim. He says that she is not the same person anymore and doesn’t want to talk about it. He ends the conversation by telling Mike that they are going to be late for work. He puts on a cap and the camera zooms out to show that Tim and Mike are both dressed in security guard uniforms, and the two of them head off into the night.

We cut to Daisy (Jessica Hynes), who is reading a book to a group of small children. She finishes the story and closes the book. The cover shows that the author is ‘D E Sader’. The parents and children applaud, then a smooth, dark haired Mediterranean man informs the crowd that Ms Sader will be signing books later. Daisy is now a successful children’s author, who goes by the name of D E Sader. The man who spoke to the crowd is her agent & fiancé, Paolo. You can tell that Daisy is not the sweet and innocent person she used to be. The wealth and fame has changed her, and she has lost sight of who she really is. She berates one of her fans for comparing her to J K Rowling, by saying that she is far more successful than that one hit wonder. The couple are joined by blonde 8 year old girl, who addresses Daisy as mum.

Tim and Mike receive a letter from Marsha’s daughter Amber informing them that Marsha has passed away. The gang all meet again for Marsha’s funeral. This is the first time they have all been together for 7 years. Tim keeps looking across at Daisy who is being constantly followed by press and fans. Mike says he should just go and talk to her, but Tim ignores him. At the wake, Tim finally gets a chance to talk to Daisy alone. Tim gestures across to Daisy’s daughter who is standing with Paolo, Brian & Twist and asks Daisy is she ever talks about him. Daisy shoots down Tim with a look and tells him that it isn’t the time or place to bring that up, and goes to walk away. But Tim tells Daisy that he loves her. Daisy pauses, her back to Tim. You can see that Daisy appears moved, but does not let Tim see the look on her face. Tim corrects himself to say. ‘I loved you. I loved who you were, before you turned to the dark side, before you became… D.. Darth Sader!’ by hearing these words she then turns back to Tim and tells him that the old Daisy he knew is gone, Tim says that he still knows there is good in her, and that she must also miss the days when they lived together at 23 Meteor Street. ‘That dump’ she replies. ‘I am glad that they are knocking that place down’. Tim is shocked to by the news and left standing as Daisy walks away.

The camera cuts to 23 Meteor Street which is now boarded up, it zooms into a sign which reads ‘Scheduled for demolition’.


I would then imagine that the rest of the series was spent trying to save 23 Meteor Street from demolition. Marsha (Julia Deakin) would appear to Tim in a dream as a ‘Force’ ghost and give Tim advice. The series would also be filled with lots of pop references that made the original Spaced great, there would be a Field of Dreams ‘If you build it they will come’ moment, and in the final episode will see Tim rushing to stop Daisy’s wedding. Watching from the loft at the back of the church, Tim bangs on the glass window and screams, “Daisy!” several times, attempting to stop the ceremony. With some hesitation, Daisy returns a cry of “Tim!” and rushes toward Tim. Just like the end of The Graduate. The show ends with a montage of the gang and their lives today. Brian & Twist now have a child of their own, Mike is now living with Dexter, Daisy is writing a new book, and Tim has his own line of graphic novels, he also illustrates Daisy’s books. The final scene shows 23 Meteor Street. It has been restored to its former glory and is the family home, of Tim, Daisy, their daughter and a puppy called Wicket.


Dawn was one of my best friends at school. We were in a band together. Sophie sang and played bass, I played guitar and sang backing vocals, and Dawn played the drums. We were called ‘LizardSkin’ and were a lo-fi punk rock band. This was 1993 and Grunge had hit the U.K. We would always meet at Dawns house, whose parents didn’t seem to mind their daughter having a full size drum kit in her bedroom. It was a small bedroom and after the single bed, drum kit and a wardrobe you couldn’t fit anything else in it. As it was so small, Sophie and I couldn’t even fit in the same room. We stood in the landing and played our hearts out, recording our noise into a hand-held cassette recorder. We were as lo-fi as you could get.  We wrote songs about anything that came into our heads, whether it be a song that we learnt in our Chinese lesson (yes, we studied Mandarin at school) or a song about ‘Nuclear Chocolate’, named after the time that we bought a giant bar of Dairy Milk which we then constantly spilt equally between ourselves until there was nothing left, just one atom of chocolate. An atom which we would have to split between us. The chocolate atom bomb. Simple times.

We played lots of gigs in the local area, and even ventured up to London to do a gig at a pub in Camden. It was my favourite band. There was something so naive and innocent about us. We would constantly turn up to gigs without any instruments, borrowing kit from the other bands. I don’t think we would have gotten away with the stuff we did if we were band made up of egotistical pretentious young boys. But we weren’t, we were Riot Grrrls… Well Riot Grrls and Boy. Being the boy in a band with two girls was probably the best thing about being in the band. It was like I had two sisters. Two sisters who I loved very much and two sisters who could kick my ass if they wanted to. It was no secret at the time that Dawn had a crush on me. When she asked me out or got someone else to ask me out I would always say no. I would turn her down by saying that it would get too complicated with us being in a band. It was very flattering. I’ve never seen myself as someone who was attractive to opposite sex and I had no confidence with girls when I could sense that there anything more than friendship. I would never chase after a girl because If I did chase them, then they might know that I liked them. I was much happier listening to The Smiths in my bedroom, whimsically waiting for the day that the girl of my dreams would come along and notice me. Dawn was not the girl of my dreams but had noticed me. Dawn had confidence. She had broken that playground rule that it’s only the boys who do the chasing, and knowing that she thought I was good-looking gave me confidence.

After school, priorities changed. I was now in college and had other bands on the go. Priorities changed for everyone and although we were still friends rehearsals became few and far between until the band became just a memory. In 1998 I left Bracknell and moved to Chichester, in West Sussex. Years would pass but Dawn and Sophie were friends who were burnt into my heart. They were friends who to me would always be my friends and every time I saw them it felt like we had never spent a day apart.  But we had spent time apart and our lives had moved on. Sophie got married in 1998 and I got to be her Best Man/Maid of Honour. They have since separated and Sophie is now with Matt, and has recently given birth to little girl, Dawn had also got married & had two children. Everyone was growing up, everyone except me, as I seemed to living my life in a time loop.  

Earlier this year I went to see the film ‘Scott Pilgrim Vs The World’. The film is based on a comic about a young man called Scott who has to fight against the seven evil exes of the girl of his dreams. This part of the story didn’t remind me of Dawn but the fact that Scott was in a lo-fi band with a female drummer with attitude, did. Dawn had attitude. Watching this film made me reminisce about the old days, and the good times we had growing up. I would chat to Dawn on Facebook now and then whenever she was on but recently I had lost interest with site and something that I used to use everyday a few years ago became a once a month occurrence. The last Facebook message I got from Dawn was on October 25th this year. She was wishing me Happy Birthday.

On Tuesday 16th November I came home from work and found several missed calls on my phone from my brother. There was also a message to say that an old school friend had left me a message on Facebook. The news from both was that yesterday Dawn had been murdered.  It was news that didn’t sink in. I was in shock. I looked on the internet for further information, but there was none, only that a Bracknell woman had been found dead. That could be anyone, sure the photo attached to the article showed Dawns house but just because it shows Dawns house it doesn’t mean that the woman was Dawn. Maybe it was a neighbour and as her house was shown in the article it had people jumping to conclusions. I looked at Dawns Facebook profile. She had only updated it the day before. The day she was murdered. Maybe she is staying at her parents house and she would soon update the page to show that news of her death was a little premature. I was still in shock. I need to phone Sophie, I thought. I pressed the ‘S’ on my phone and Dawn’s name was one of the first names that came up. I still had her down as Dawn Simms and not Dawn Clinton. Simms being her maiden name, and as Simms started with a ‘S’ it was listed in my search. I paused for a moment. Should I ring Dawn? What if I call and no one answers? I decided against calling her and called Sophie. Sophie didn’t answer but Matt did. I had never spoken to Matt before but explained my reason for calling. He too had heard the news but Sophie was out with their daughter and as far as he knew she hadn’t heard. I needed to speak to someone so I spoke Lynsey on the phone. She was the old friend from school who had sent me the message about Dawn on Facebook. I was still in shock. Lynsey confirmed that it was Dawn and that Jon her husband had been arrested for her murder.

That night I couldn’t sleep. I sat at my computer and tried to find more information.

When I did sleep I had a dream that Dawn sent me a message on Facebook telling me she was ok, and that like I had thought earlier that she wasn’t at home and it was a neighbour who had been killed and she had only just managed to get online to tell everyone that it wasn’t her. This dream gave me false hope until they finally released the name of the victim. It was indeed Dawn.

Dawn has been in my thoughts ever since.  I had not seen Dawn face to face for almost 10  years but I have this huge feeling of loss. I don’t know how to deal with it, I assumed I would know her forever. I look at her Facebook profile and see messages from friends, and messages from strangers. Is my grief too much? How do you grieve for someone you haven’t seen for years? Someone who was such a big part of my life as teenager but who had little input in my adult years. I have been reading articles about her everyday since I heard. My thoughts going out to her family and friends.

Dawn was amazing. She is part of who I am and my life has been forever changed for knowing her. On Facebook she summarizes herself with these words;

“I will skid broadside into Hell, thoroughly used up and worn out, with a fag in one hand and a coffee in the other screaming ‘Whoa, what a ride’!”

 What a ride indeed. Dawn, you rawk. I love you x

Drum solo!


 24th May 2011 – Jon Clinton has been jailed for life with a minimum 26-year term after being convicted of murdering Dawn and 2 years for arson, with the two sentences to run concurrently.

BBC NEWS / Bracknell )

Strange Dream

I had a dream last night that I lived in a strange house with lots of little nooks and crannies, The part of the house I lived was like a lighthouse tower to get access to it you needed to go out of the main house into the garden and through a maze. The maze was a typical hedge maze and didn’t seem to be anything special but one night I got lost trying to find my way back to my tower.  The maze seemed to be different then it was before. I had a sat nav at mine which showed the maze layout and when I finally go there. I went back out to make sure that I wasn’t going mad and that the maze had changed. I looked at my sat nav and I was right. The sat nav was out of date and the maze was different.

 According to my sat nav I would be walking through walls. I then realised that I was lost again but then I remembered what Hermione Granger once said to me (as in my dream she was a real person and a friend of mine). She said ‘Whenever you encounter any problem that has no solution, all you need to do is stop and think. You may well understand that it is not a problem to begin with.’ I then noticed that I was a long straight path with little sections of benches facing each other on the left as if I was walking up an old train carriage. I noticed that there was a girl who was sat at one of these benches and I recognised her as being Andi a friend of mine. She was dressed in the uniform of the ‘Beauxbatons Academy of Magic’. I thought that this would be the best place to stop and think. I sat opposite her and tried to talk to her but I suddenly felt like I was in danger. Where I was sitting started to melt into one of carriages of the Hogwarts Express. The train was going very fast and I knew something bad was going to happen. Andi didn’t seem to react to the danger and just calmly sat there. Maybe she was behind this? I tried to think I spells I knew. I didn’t know any. I felt I needed to find my girlfriend Sally as she knows a lot more about Harry Potter than I do. That need to find Sally woke me up. I then realised that it was just a dream and asking Sally now if she knew any spells was a bit pointless 🙂