I thought I would write about what happened last Saturday. I won’t bore you with the details:

    • I went to a Boring Conference.
    • I was the 823310th person out of 400.
    • I listened to these people talk.
    • I read out the bar code for a packet of *Hula Hoops. It ended with 7.
      *Those with a keen eye will notice that the best before date is 3 months after my 35th birthday.
    • I listened to the sound of vending machines.
    • I bought this book. It was the 87th book of 250.
    • In the pub afterwards I spoke to the author of the book, & other people.
    • I then went home.
    • On Monday I appeared in a *crowd photo which featured in The Sun.
      *For those trying to find me, I am sat near the rabbit.

This is my 27th published post. It has *144 words.

*not including the words talking about the post. If it did it would be 151 words.