Strange Dream

I had a dream last night that I lived in a strange house with lots of little nooks and crannies, The part of the house I lived was like a lighthouse tower to get access to it you needed to go out of the main house into the garden and through a maze. The maze was a typical hedge maze and didn’t seem to be anything special but one night I got lost trying to find my way back to my tower.  The maze seemed to be different then it was before. I had a sat nav at mine which showed the maze layout and when I finally go there. I went back out to make sure that I wasn’t going mad and that the maze had changed. I looked at my sat nav and I was right. The sat nav was out of date and the maze was different.

 According to my sat nav I would be walking through walls. I then realised that I was lost again but then I remembered what Hermione Granger once said to me (as in my dream she was a real person and a friend of mine). She said ‘Whenever you encounter any problem that has no solution, all you need to do is stop and think. You may well understand that it is not a problem to begin with.’ I then noticed that I was a long straight path with little sections of benches facing each other on the left as if I was walking up an old train carriage. I noticed that there was a girl who was sat at one of these benches and I recognised her as being Andi a friend of mine. She was dressed in the uniform of the ‘Beauxbatons Academy of Magic’. I thought that this would be the best place to stop and think. I sat opposite her and tried to talk to her but I suddenly felt like I was in danger. Where I was sitting started to melt into one of carriages of the Hogwarts Express. The train was going very fast and I knew something bad was going to happen. Andi didn’t seem to react to the danger and just calmly sat there. Maybe she was behind this? I tried to think I spells I knew. I didn’t know any. I felt I needed to find my girlfriend Sally as she knows a lot more about Harry Potter than I do. That need to find Sally woke me up. I then realised that it was just a dream and asking Sally now if she knew any spells was a bit pointless 🙂