Space Monkeys

Those of you who read this blog will know that back in June 2010 Sally & I went to New York for our holidays. While we were there, we went to New Jersey to visit Jay & Silent Bob’s Secret Stash and appeared on Episode #19 of Tell ‘Em Steve-Dave. So when I saw this…

..I knew I just had to go.

I didn’t really know what to expect. When I saw them last year in ‘the stash’ it was just us, and back then the podcast was still only in it’s teens, but now there are about 80 episodes, with bonus podcasts like ‘OverKill’ and ‘Space Monkeys’. In 2010 Tell ‘Em Steve Dave! won two Podcast Awards, one for People’s Choice and the other as Best Comedy. The show was also named a best of 2010 audio podcast by iTunes. So it’s a popular show, but how popular are they in the UK?

We arrived at the Prince Charles Cinema at about 6pm and there was already the start of a small queue for the 7pm show. By 6:30pm the queue was half way round the building. At this point I started to worry that the midnight show might sell out, so I stepped out of the queue and went straight to the box office to buy two tickets, as we originally only had tickets for the 7pm show. Our original plan was catch the last train home, but a very nice friend said we could crash at a hers in London if we did decided to stay, even though we would be turning up on her door step around 3 am, so I sent her a message to say we had the tickets for the late night so and so we would be staying if that was still ok. She said yes, so with a place to crash we were all set for an evening of fun and laughs.

The 7pm show was great, but it seemed to over so quickly. Sally and I were in the third row and had a great view of Bry and Q. At the end of the show Q told everyone that there was an after show party at Ruby Blue and to collect a wrist band from them outside. As we were so close to the stage I thought I would take this opportunity to go up and say hi before they got swamped by other fans. Bry had disappeared backstage but Q came walking down the front and recognised me straight away, I also met Emma who I knew from the VA boards, who was also a friend of the show. She was also waiting for Q. It was strange because most of the people who were there had also heard the episode I was on, so when Q said “Hey, English Russ!” people turned their heads to look at me, and the girl I was sitting next to (Mary) was surprised that all the way through the show she had no idea that she was sat next to “English Russ” 🙂

The after show party at Ruby Blue was fun. Q introduced me to other fans as “English Russ” and some of them had recognised me from photos online, so I did feel like a minor local celebrity for the night. Everyone wanted to know about what it was like to be on the show and if Sally and I were getting married, as back in June 2010, Bry, Walt & Q had tried to talk me into proposing to Sally on the show, and I had said that I would if they came to England. I was happy to tell everyone that it had taken me over a year to ask but we were indeed getting married. It was a great evening but I think everyone felt a bit out of place. It was very apparent that the club was chosen for it’s location, not for the atmosphere. We quickly learned not to piss the bouncers off, Q was told to take his cap off and if they wanted you to move, you moved!

The midnight show was worth staying for, everyone had had a bit to drink and because 99% of the audience had been to the 7pm show, and the aftershow, Q and Bry could really open up and talk about things that they could never put in a podcast. They carried on talking way past the hour mark and the show didn’t finish until 2am.

It was a great night, but one of my favourite moments was when we were saying goodbye, Q gave Sally a big hug and said “you owe me!” refering to his part in our engagment, and that made me happy, because in a small way they did. They made me think about what I wanted in life, I even made a PostSecret about it…but it really is no secret. I always knew that Sally and I would get married one day, but I love that “Tell ‘Em Steve-Dave” will always be a part of our story.