The 1000th Follower

I made someones day today. I became @richardrycroft ‘s 1000th follower. Now what is so special about that? Well… Richard Rycroft is a man on a Quest. A TwitterQuest. He is aiming to be the most followed person to have never tweeted a tweet.

I read about his quest when I saw a retweet from one of my favourite comedians, Richard Herring (@Herring1967).

It simply said;

Please follow @richardrycroft – he is trying to be most followed tweeter who never tweets –

…and so I did. I followed him. I knew nothing about Richard Rycroft. I did some googling and discovered that Richard himself is an actor and comedian. On his blog he describes himself as “you’ve possibly seen me on the telly but forgotten what in”. I liked that. There was something about those words that convinced me that I had made the right choice by following someone who I know would never tweet. He seemed like a nice guy. I like Richard.  

I then received a direct message from Richard on Twitter (a message not tweet)  to tell me that I was his 1000th follower.  Not only that but moment’s later I received another message (remember these are messages not tweets) to tell me he has written about it…

Well how about that, I made his day!! That in turn made my day. So everyone, follow @richardrycroft !!!! He’s a nice guy but don’t expect him to tweet much… or indeed tweet at all.

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